This blog post will tell you all the facts of quadrilaterals .

This  is an really important fact that you need to know . Rectangles are shapes that a have lines that will never meet . For example a square has 2 sets of parallel line . The opposite lines go across in train track 1 set up and 1 sat across . Another shape is a kite the lines of this shape will never meet , just like a rectangle  and a rhombus. ✅

But some parallel line shapes have 1 set of parallel lines . One shape that we know is a trapezium and that has 1 set that will never meet that goes across . But the 2 lines  that go up will meet and then the trapezium will then form into a triangle .

Now I will tell you all the types of parallelograms. Squares , rectangles , rhombus , kite /diamond  , isosceles  trapezium and a normal trapezium . And that is all you need to know!